dee's rumbles

Remember, growing up is optional.

coconuts for us and coffee for daddy xxx @hyperwave
bean and mommy, having some sand xxx @hyperwave
having lunch in style with my feet up #likeaboss @hyperwave
when uncle Jon is in town, even my funny face looks good. lol @hyperwave @jonlow
thinking of partners who step on toes. thanks for training me up and making my toes awesome tough babe. xxx @hyperwave #happiedee #doodle #chalkboard
he’s just patiently waiting for his owner, and I counted over five people taking his photo in fifteen minutes xx #auction_rooms #welovedogs @hyperwave
stay cool peeps. it’s going to be a hot day, we are making sure daddy’s herb garden has lots of water today! @hyperwave  #babyfirsts #onahotday
so summer is halfway over and these legs are still pasty white. we need moar beach time! @hyperwave
grrrowl happy haappy birthday James! xxx Alexander
parrot by kester black, so amazingly vivid. loving the gorgeous hue for summer xx #kesterblack #nailpolish